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Şub 1, 2016

Surving Mars[CODEX]
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New Feature - Creative Mode
Creative Mode features a set of new game rules that allow you to enjoy a simpler playthrough with endless resources and everything unlocked. Added a Creative Mode option in the main menu which has these game rules on by default.

• Easy Maintenance - Buildings don't malfunction due to lack of maintenance
• Easy Research - Start with additional 3000 Research per Sol and all base techs revealed
• Fast Rockets - Rockets travel ten times faster
• Fast Scanning - Sector scanning is ten times faster
• Free Construction - Buildings don't require resources to be constructed (they still have construction time)
• Iron Colonists - Colonists can't lose Health or Sanity below 50 and they cannot become Earthsick
• More Applicants - 500 additional applicants
• Overfunded - Start with $100,000 M Funding

Some of the new rules disable all Achievements.

New Feature – Desired Amount in depots & storages
You can now set a desired amount in storages and depots. Drones will try to keep at least the desired amount of resources in depots and storages taking resources from other storages if need be.

• New UI – reworked the UI of depots and storages to allow the enabling/disabling of resources in depots more easily. The player can also enable/disable resources in all depots of the same type via Ctrl + Click

Changes to Power Networks
• Adjacent power producers & consumers will now connect to each other without the need for a cable.

New Feature – Follow Camera for vehicles and colonists
Follow camera is activated from the selected unit infopanel. Follow camera removes all UI until deactivated.

Balance Changes
• Reworked default initial rocket cargo for all sponsors to include a Stirling Generator prefab and more drones to allow for faster starts
• Reduced the construction cost of many buildings to reduce the amount of resources being carried by drones and improve game pacing
• Increased speed of drones by 20%, techs that increase speed of drones have their effects slightly reduced
• Drone battery capacity increased to reduce how often drones need to recharge. Initial battery of drones randomized to avoid having all drones run out of battery at the same time
• Reduced fuel needed to refuel a rocket to 50 (30 with tech). Paradox sponsor is down to 80(60 with tech)
• Shuttles require less fuel to operate
• Reworked applicant generation so the starting pool of applicants is of greater importance. Sponsors with larger starting pools will continue to have more applicants down the line.
• Increased the effects of the Celebrity and Genius trait but they now have requirements – Genius colonists will grant research points if their Sanity is high (in the green); Celebrity will grant funding if their comfort is high (in the green).
• Electronics Factory now requires maintenance of 2 Machine Parts instead of 3 Electronics
• Increased power consumption of Polymer Plant & Electronics Factory to 10
• Reduced maintenance of Smart homes
• Outsourcing is now limited to five orders at one time
• Tourist trait has been reworked - it now grants 10M funding when the colonist arrives. The tourist stays for 5 Sols and then leaves (on the next rocket to Earth). When the tourist leaves Mars they generate 2 new tourist applicants.
• Working medical buildings provide birth rate boost bonus for the next 24 hours.
• Added new commander profile: City Mayor – 2,000 M additional starting Funding; buildings require upkeep less often; bonus tech: Mars Nouveau (building costs in Metals & Concrete are reduced by 20%).
• Added new game rule – Increased Production – base production of all resources is doubled
• Endless Supply game rule now lowers difficulty by 200 (instead of 25)
• Chaos Theory game rule now lowers difficulty by 50 instead of increasing it

Changes to Disasters
• Cable faults and Pipe leaks now happen only during dust storms or as a result of dust devils and meteor strikes. Their effect has been increased but the repair time is much quicker.
• A popup message describes the effects of disasters the first time they trigger in each playthrough
• Solar Panels are now disabled during Dust Storms and automatically close down
• Buildings left without power during a Cold Wave now freeze 3 times slower (after 24 hours, was 8 hours)
• Health and Sanity damage, suffocation, dehydration, and freezing effects from disasters are now randomized– colonists will now die or have a sanity breakdown gradually during an emergency rather than all at the same time when time runs out.
• Lightning Strikes during Electrostatic Dust Storms have been fixed and will now disable buildings for 24 hours rather than 4 hours. They will also drain power accumulators they hit.

General Fixes
• Added new construction colorization of building placement cursor - orange - to indicate possible placement of a building outside drone controller range
• Autosave Count and Interval settings added in Options > Gameplay
• Buildings inside a Dome are turned off when the Dome is turned off
• Colonists can now eat from stockpiles in connected domes when starving
• Night shift Sanity loss introduced for training buildings
• Fix for passages not returning resources when salvaged
• Terrain is properly restored after demolishing a Geoscape Dome
• The Stirling Generator will no longer take more dust than intended
• Funding is now properly modified by global modifiers
• Large Water Tank now freezes and defrosts for the same time as the basic water tank
• Constructions in Domes are no longer affected by cold areas
• Fixed the Renegades counter in Infobar
• Supply grid now properly reconnects through a Passage
• Fixed unintended disabling of some buildings by Ion storms

• GDPR notice removed. Rejoice!
• Fixed various scrolling problems. UIs are now scrollable instead of using pages
• Added new keybindings for tilting the camera up and down - F, G
• Clicking on icons in the Info Bar now cycles through stored resources, free jobs, free residences, unemployed and homeless Colonists
• Wind Turbine production boost during Dust Storms is now indicated in the info panel
• Command Center graphs timely update
• Renegade morale no longer visible in Command Center
• Trait selection in Schools fixed
• Yellow decals no longer remain stuck on the martian surface
• Added "Low Storage" notifications and removed duplicate other notifications
"Domes without Life Support" notification replaces separate notifications about dome problems
• Added list of problematic buildings as rollover of the "Buildings not working" notification
• All ground vehicles are collectively called "Rovers". The old "RC Rover" is now named "RC Commander"
• Changed displaying of Collaboration loss in Research buildings
• Power percentage is no more visible for pinned Rovers after Rover Command AI gets researched
• Fixed Ctrl+click not setting desired specialization in all Martian Universities
• Added resource conversion ratio in the infopanels of Factories
• Added Queue first option in the Sector scanning queue
• Added Disabled residential slots stat in the Info Bar
• The Info Bar now lists the different sources of Funding for the last Sol and how much Funding was gained from them
• Added space communism

• Added Radio Station ModItem and related documentation


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  • CODEX klasöründeki her şeyi oyunu kurduğunuz yere atın.
  • İyi oyunlar!.


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